Caribbean Yacht Charter

Sailing the Grenadines: Three Night Charter - Starting from Carriacou

sailing grenadines carriacou1st Night:
Set sail to the Tobago Cays - the most spectacular anchorage in the Windward Islands. The rich colours here are unbelievable, the blues, greens and deep turquoise of the water offset by the golds, browns and dark green of these islands. These are a small group of deserted islands fringed with golden beaches and crystal waters and protected by Horace reef, which offers amazing snorkeling. Swim with the turtles or play at being Jack Sparrow! Quite the most perfect place. Try an on board barbecue with the fish you might have caught that day or buy a lobster from one of the local fisher boys.

sailing grenadines tobago cays2nd Night:
Set sail for Mayreau and Salt Whistle Bay, a tiny anchorage with a pristine beach that sweeps around in a majestic arc. The Salt Whistle Bay Resort is located just behind the beach. It has a charming, unique style and offers good food at a reasonable price. The snorkeling on Grand Col Point can be good and the beach offers safe, calm swimming. Unbelievable under a full moon.

sailing grenadines mayreau3rd Night:
A short sail brings you to Palm Island, spend the morning swimming and exploring the island and boutique. On then to Petit Martinique and Petit St. Vincent. Petit St. Vincent is an exclusive island resort, with tasteful stone cottages tucked in amongst the trees. The main building stands on a hill overlooking the anchorage and southern Grenadines. It makes great spot to have some of the wonderful Petit St. Vincent cocktails and watch the sunsets. The islands has lots of beach and is small enough to walk around - no crowds, cruise ships or calypso fire eaters - a wonderful place with a secluded romantic atmosphere. Petit Martinique is unique - quite different to the usual tourist spots. The people here live by boat building, seafaring and fishing and years ago smuggling! The men have reputations for being superb sailors and a number of Petit Martinique built wooden cargo vessels can be seen at anchor. Being unspoiled it's an interesting place to explore.

On your last day, enjoy a leisurely sail south back to St. George's. Trawl a line on the way down and see what fish you can catch. Look for Diamond Rock, Isle de Ronde, Isle de Caille, Pelicans fishing and Boobies watching for the leftovers. Enjoy the stunning sights of quaint French style towns, Carib Indian ruins, lush vegetation and mountain tops disappearing into the clouds.


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