Caribbean Yacht Charter


What is the official currency of Grenada?
Eastern Caribbean dollar – EC$

How do I pay for my charter?
You can pay by using Visa or MasterCard. Or you can make an electronic transfer to our bank here in Grenada, or pay directly to our account in the UK.

What credit cards do you accept?
We accept VISA and MASTERCARD, with a 5% bank fee We do not accept AMEX

What happens in the case that we need to cancel our charter?
We are unable to offer refunds within 90 days of your charter start date unless we can re-sell your reserved dates. As we adhere to this policy, we strongly suggest that trip cancellation insurance is purchased

Do you supply coals for the BBQ if I’m not provisioning?
You should pick up your own BBQ coals and lighter fluid if you have not asked us to provision for you.

What are the supermarket hours?
7:30am until 9.00pm

Does the supermarket have carts?

Does the supermarket take credit cards?

Where can we get provisioning?
There are three main supermarkets in and around St George or we can do it for you in advance of your arrival as per your instructions.

How much ice should I buy if you're not provisioning for us?
We give 4 bags complimentary, anything more is paid for by yourselves.

Are there beach side restaurants?
Yes there are some wonderful places to eat out. Check with the Captain.

Is the drinking water safe to drink in the islands?
We do not advise that you drink tap water. Bottled water is widely available.

What is Grenada like?
North shore beautiful unspoilt area, no place to anchor West shore Town of St. George’s worth visiting, anchor outside the lagoon off Grand Anse beach area.
South shore lots of interesting bays, good anchoring and restaurants.
East shore very exposed, not anchoring, old towns and villages

Are there pirates?

Are there mosquitoes? What time do they come out?
Usually in the evening, as they like to party with the best... Yes, you will find mosquitos in the islands and they tend to come out at around 5.45pm.

Do you offer one ways?
Yes, we offer the one way trip from St Vincent or St Lucia. We recommend a minimum of 10 nights for this trip.

What is the one way fee to St Vincent?
The equivalent of one days fee. Check our 'Special Offers'

Will my cell phone work there?
It is advisable to check with your provider before you travel - mentioning each of the Caribbean islands that you intend to visit as this will make a difference.

Will my phone work offshore?
The range tends to be around 4 miles offshore.

Do I need a visa?
Visitors from these countries require a visa for Grenada, Bangladesh, Cameroon, The Gambia, Ghana, India, Mozambique, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sierra Leone and Sri Lanka. Check with the High Commission

If you want to bring your own, here's an article about choosing marine binoculars: